The Beginning of an ERA…

 A journey of diamonds from our hands to yours.

Timeline traces the history of London from the romans to the normans and now in this era the modern day London is the worlds leading international, financial and business centre.We are based near the world famous Hatton Garden which is the londons jewellery headquarter, trade dates it back to Mediveal London with royal roots.

Entrenched back over fifteen years now situated in the heart of London Hatton Gardens.As our thoughts clarified about who we are,what we are trying to achieve and what we stand for we modernise our brand and along the line added the website and we are looking forward to welcome you.We also specialises in bespoke jewellery for our customers as the demand  of high end diamond jewellery remains strong.

Our location is stones throw from Chancerylane and Farringdon station, we are situated in the perfect place to commute.