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No matter the reason for initially purchasing a diamond, from milestone anniversaries to life events, there's a chance you'll want to upgrade your precious gemstone in the future. For this reason, we are happy to provide our customers with an upgrade service. Simply get in touch with a return request for your original diamond as well as details about the larger or higher quality stone you require.

Reasons to Upgrade

  • Larger or higher quality diamond - Give your ring greater presence and a more dramatic appearance.
  • Change of diamond shape - If you still love your setting but feel like it’s time for a change, consider switching to a centre stone of a different shape.
  • Extra diamonds - If you currently have a single stone ring, switching to a halo, pavé or side stone setting can be a great way to add extra beauty.
  • Change in personal taste - Your choice of diamond shape or metal band may have gone out of style, which calls for a timely upgrade.
  • Reflection of social status - Some people may want to upgrade to a bigger-sized diamond to show off their status and wealth.
  • Upcoming anniversary or event - If you want to treat yourself or your partner, this is a great way of doing so.


Guidelines and Eligibility

  • Only GIA, IGI or AGSL graded diamonds purchased from Nova Diamonds are eligible.
  • Your diamond must be in its original condition with the original diamond grading report.
  • Any damage to the original diamond will disqualify the diamond from our upgrade program.

Terms and Conditions of Our Diamond Upgrade Policy

  • Please note this policy is only applicable for earth-grown diamonds, not lab-grown diamonds.
  • Each diamond upgrade request is subject to approval by management as not all diamonds may qualify for the upgrade policy.
  • If your diamond upgrade is approved, we will offer you a credit of between 80-95% on the original value of the diamond. The new sale value must also be at least 75% more than the original diamond.
  • Changes in the sizes of your diamond may require an adjustment to the ring setting or a full remake of your ring. If this is the case, additional fees will apply.
  • We are not able to 'downgrade' your diamond to that of a smaller, lower quality or lower value stone.